English as a Second Language Classes:

Classes are offered in both Keremeos and Cawston. Classes are small and focus on conversational English that will help the participant deal with work, living and social interactions in Canada.


Day:  Tuesdays
Time:   7:00 – 8:30 pm
Location:  Elim Tabernacle, #319 – 9th St. Keremeos, BC


Day: Tuesdays
Time:   7:00 – 9:00 pm
Location: Cawston Irrigation Building (corner of Barcelo Rd and Coulthard Ave)

Assessments are available to determine where you are in your level of understanding. Materials, paper, notebooks, pens and pencils are supplied by the Society  and special books and learning aids will be available for a small fee. Attendance will be kept with rewards for the best attendance at the end of the season.  We ask that participants be respectful of class time.  You are welcome to request help from the instructor for special projects.

Help with Working and Living Conditions

working and living conditions


Members of the El Faro Service Society can provide help in the following ways:

  • Review and explain the employment contract that you have signed
  • Determine and explain what is expected within the legalities of the program.
  • Help you understand the rules and regulations according to Canadian standards
  • Help you to recognize and understand your rights as a worker in Canada
  • Help you to understand what are the rules and regulations that have to be met concerning
    living conditions in Canada.

Translation Services

Translation services

The El Faro Service Society offers English to Spanish translations and can help you with the following:

  • We can read and explain medical forms before you sign them and we can help you make medical appoints, complete documentation you need to present and can translate between you and the medical professionals.
  • Explain and help complete official forms  for reimbursement of monies paid upfront for services as an out- of-country worker.
  • Provide translations for educational seminars or training such as training on the use of chemicals or driving within Canada. We can also help with translating other work related communications such as specific tasks to perform as requested by your employer.

Transportation Services



We know that farms and other work locations are a considerable distance from places you need to go for medical services or other important tasks.  While it is your employer’s responsibility to take care of your immediate needs we understand that there are times when the employer is unable or unwilling to accommodate your needs.  The employer WILL need to agree to cover the cost of gas for the volunteer!

  • We can assist you with the information or translation, we will either meet you at the clinic, hospital or dentist to help you with translation and completion of the necessary forms or we can arrange to pick you up if you don’t have a ride.
  • You need to keep your farmer informed of your situation, if language is a barrier we can assist you with this.

Please Note: It might take a little time to find a volunteer available in your area to help you. It is important to give all information to the volunteer to help you with follow up appointments.

Help with Filing Canadian Taxes



We can help you complete the necessary paperwork to file taxes for the period you worked within Canada. You will require a number of documents in order to file your taxes including:

  • Identification
  • Work History (including addresses and phone numbers)
  • Bank Account Number (The Goverment requires this for direct deposit of refunds).

Please Note:  you need to make an appointment and someone will attend to you on a day that English classes are being held, either at 6 p.m. before the English class begins or when the class ends at 9 p.m.

Please Note: You and you alone are responsible for fines due to failure to file taxes in prior years.  If you have been fined, you need to pay as soon as possible as the interest will continue to go up.  You can contact one of us to help you to contact the right government department to make payments.